Do I have to warm up my car before I drive in the winter?

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Do i have to warm up my car in the winter?

Do you have to warm up your car in the winter

When you live in a cold winter climate, like Lima, it is important to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your car in good shape throughout the cold months. There are arguments on both sides of this issue. Some experts say it is not necessary, while others maintain that it is important to give your vehicle time to warm up before you drive off in freezing temperatures.

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Why don’t I need to warm up my car?

Most vehicles built before about 1995 were built with a carburetor, which combined air and fuel to move your vehicle forward, which meant it was important to let your car idle to warm up to ensure that the engine would run properly. However, after 1995, automakers switched over to a fuel injection method to replace the carburetor.

The new fuel injection method is electronic, using sensors to supply the engine and get the right mix of air and fuel. This means that it is not necessary to warm up your engine before driving. In fact, some experts say that your engine warms up faster when you are driving anyways!
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Benefits of warming up your vehicle

Other experts believe that it is still necessary to warm up your vehicle before you drive in sub-zero temperatures. If not for the engine, then for the oil. When your car has been sitting in freezing temperatures for long periods of time, your oil has settled into the bottom of the oil pan. When you start your car, it takes a minute or two for the oil to bounce back and lubricate your vehicle like it should. Additionally, warming up your car can make it easier for you to clear off accumulated snow and/or ice.

At the very least, starting your car before you clear off the snow and ice can’t hurt. Plus, your car will be nice and warm when you get in it! If you are in need of vehicle maintenance, you can schedule a service appointment with us online! We hope to see you soon at Allan Nott Auto!

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