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The 2017 Accord Offers an Abundance of Advanced Technologies

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017
2017 Honda Accord Technology Features

2017 Honda Accord Technology Features

With its muscular powertrain, quick acceleration, responsive handing, spacious and high-quality interior and a generous amount of standard features, the 2017 Honda Accord is a wonderful choice for a midsize sedan. It also offers an abundance of advanced technologies.  (more…)

New technology means new options for used car owners

Friday, February 12th, 2016
Are there aftermarket options for an infotainment system

Are there aftermarket infotainment systems?

Systems available in many Honda vehicles like Display Audio and Honda Sensing, have been wonderful additions to the Honda inventory at Allan Nott . Especially, Honda Sensing with its features like forward collision warnings and warnings to drivers should they drift out of the lane of traffic have huge potential to really make roads safer. Allan Nott Honda couldn’t be happier to show these different technologies to new car buyers. However, there is still a large portion of the Allan Nott Inventory, as well as large portion of customers that can’t take advantage of this new equipment. World renowned atlas-maker, Rand McNally has introduced an aftermarket infotainment system which could be installed in almost any vehicle lacking one. (more…)

What is Honda Sensing?

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
What is Honda Sensing?

What is Honda Sensing?

When a person is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, the most important function they must perform is staying aware of their surroundings while simultaneously keeping the vehicle under control. Unfortunately, there is an endless list of things that are fighting very hard to distract drivers. Honda is committed to providing its customers with the safest possible vehicles it can produce. In addition to providing cars and SUVs with excellent safety scores, Honda has been working on the Honda Sensing system to help drivers stay out of accidents by supplementing their situational awareness. So, What is Honda Sensing and which vehicles have it? (more…)

Honda Goes Off-Road with New Honda Performance Development Off-Road Racing Program

Thursday, August 27th, 2015
New Honda Performance Development Off-Road Race Vehicle at Allan Nott-Lima OH-New Honda Off-Road Racing

New Honda Performance Development Off-Road Race Vehicle

While the Honda model lineup has earned a sterling reputation for many things, off-road performance typically isn’t one that is a focus of the conversation. That may all change with the development of the new Honda Performance Development off-road race vehicle. With a return to off-road racing in mind, the engineers at Honda Performance Development have recently unveiled the powertrain that they believe will put them at the forefront of the off-road racing circuit. (more…)

How Will the New Apple Watch Pair with Your Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Will the Apple Watch Work in My New Honda Accord or Toyota Camry? at Allan Nott-Lima OH-2015 Honda Accord-2015 Toyota Camry-New technology-Toyota Entune-HondaLink-iPhone

Will the Apple Watch Work in My New Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?

It seems like everyday there is a new piece of technology hitting the market that offers more convenient access to all of your favorite applications while delivering hands-free capabilities. Technology is especially impactful in the automotive industry where automakers are constantly searching for a new way to stay connected. The newest technology to hit the market with the capability to amplify your driving experience is the futuristic Apple Watch. At Allan Nott, we provide an exceptional inventory of Honda and Toyota models and what many of our customers want to know is — will the Apple Watch work in my new Honda Accord or Toyota Camry? To help illustrate the capabilities of the Apple Watch and how it can impact your driving experience we have applied it to two of our most popular models. (more…)

Explore the Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle at Allan Nott

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

2016 Toyota Mirai Release Date at Allan Nott

2016 Toyota Mirai Release Date

Probably one of the biggest innovations in the automotive industry in the recent past is the evolution of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Employing innovative new technology, fuel cell vehicles are powered by hydrogen as an alternative fuel source that produces zero harmful emissions and delivers surprising performance. Leading the way for this revolutionary new technology is the 2016 Toyota Mirai. Building on the cutting-edge technology found in all Toyota models, the Toyota Mirai provides a new take on automotive technology. That impressive new automotive science will become a mainstream reality with the 2016 Toyota Mirai release date, which will be sooner rather than later. (more…)

How to Use the Toyota Prius Solar Panel Roof

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

The 2014 Toyota Prius

How to Use the Toyota Prius Solar Panel Roof

Leaving your car parked outside during the summer months for an extended period of time can cause the interior temperature’s of the cabin to skyrocket. Nothing short of a sauna, a car parked in extreme heat can make the ride home from a long day at work downright miserable, unless you own a new Toyota Prius that is! Yes, Toyota has actually figured out a safe way to ensure you have a cool and comfortable car that doesn’t involve leaving your windows open or using any additional fuel from your gas tank. Learn how to use the Toyota Prius solar panel roof today and be on your way to a cooler summer!

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Best Father’s Day Gifts For Car Lovers

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Find dad that perfect gift that he’ll love this year!

Best Father’s Day Gifts For Car Lovers

With Father’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to pick up an amazing gift for that special guy in your life. If you are having trouble thinking of some ideas, luckily for you Allan Nott has comprised a list of gifts that are sure to not only put a smile on his face, but be actually something he will use and appreciate. Check out our Best Father’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers Today! (more…)